Mike Harris

2018 Nova Learning Inc. Nova Scotia Learner Achievement Award Recipient

Mike Harris left high school in grade ten when he was seventeen years old. “I left school and went out to work. I got driving fines and was in court a few times.” Mike says six years later, he left work to ‘dig blood worms’, and two years after that – ‘ten years of roofing’.

Then Mike was faced with the challenge of making a new life for himself with a criminal record, no Grade 12, and health problems. “I couldn’t get work anywhere. A change was needed. I started with my driver’s licence. I paid my fines and rewrote the test, getting my full license. After that, my teacher Joy Power at Valley Community Learning Association helped me with my GED, and then helped me get a pardon.”

“Things could have turned out differently for Mike,” says his teacher Joy Power, “but he has turned things around and continues to impress me with the dedication he brings to his education and life. After getting his GED, and receiving the pardon, we began working on employment together. I helped him find his current position. He loves it there – it suits his desire to work outdoors – and they love him there as well. The company is in full support of his plan to attend NSCC Kingstec in the Cool Climate Winery program in January.”