About Us

PGI is the national body that oversees and coordinates the efforts of PGI events across Canada. PGI is currently operated by a national events manager, an independent financial manager and a national board of directors (Peter Gzowski Foundation for Literacy). PGI manages all national elements of the PGI events.

Overseeing national communications, branding and marketing initiatives

Organizing and programming the PGI National Forum

Ensuring each event operates within appropriate PGI guidelines

Providing expertise, advice and ongoing support to PGI local organizing committees

Local Organizing Committees: Each PGI has a local organizing committee made up of community volunteers and literacy organization staff. Peter Gzowski Foundation for Literacy: PGFL provides oversight to PGIs to ensure the continued success of the PGIs across the country. The PGFL also:

Has legal and financial responsibility for PGIs

Authorizes the preparation of annual audited financial statements for PGI

PGI Outcomes and Use of Funds

$382,923 net dollars were raised by the PGIs in 2019. These funds were allocated to local literacy programs, services and activities.