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PGIs for Literacy - Alberta

Calgary, AB

Event Date: September 18-19, 2014

PGI Calgary, benefiting the CanLearn Society needs you to be a Calgary PGI – a Proud Generous Inspiration, a Personally Great Individual – in other words, a champion for the cause of  literacy.

Why do we need PGI  champions?  Because too many of our citizens struggle with low literacy skills and the implication of this affects us all.  By participating in the 2014 Calgary PGI on September 18 and 19th at The Hamptons Golf Club you can make a direct impact on learning and literacy in Calgary.

Enjoy an outstanding day of golf, relaxation and fun where the spirit of the day overrides any worries about the quality of your drives.  Start your day Friday, Sept. 19 with breakfast and then on to 18 holes of golf.  Finish on the 19th hole with happy hour, a light dinner, prizes, and wind up the day with the Poet Laureate.  But the fun actually starts the night before, Thursday, Sept. 18 with a gala reception at the club featuring exquisite creations from the head chef.  Prepare to be inspired as the Learner Award is presented to an individual who has made great gains in life as a result of the support of someone just like you.  Enjoy music, entertainment, and both a silent and live auction featuring something for everyone.

Be a golfer, be a sponsor, be a donor . . . be a PGI.

For further information and a link to the 2014 Calgary PGI, log on to

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